How Geospatial Technology Has Impacted

Topics: Technology, Cartography, Hurricane Katrina Pages: 4 (577 words) Published: November 15, 2014

How Geospatial Technology Has Impacted My Life and Community

By: Kimberly St. Cin


Geospatial Technology has incorporated itself into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Whether one is looking for directions to the new restaurant in town, planning a long trip, or rescuing people after an emergency or natural disaster. Geospatial technology is what you would use.

Geospatial Technology has impacted my everyday life greatly. I use GPS almost on a daily basis. During a recent trip to the beach, I used it to map my trip, locate the hotel, and then later to find a nearby family oriented dining establishment and then to read the reviews. While at the beach, I also took several photos and uploaded them onto Facebook. When posting to social media, not only is the whole world able to see your photos but, also your exact location. This is just one example of how GIS is hard at work.

Our Communities depend on geospatial technologies such as GIS (Global Information Systems) when faced with emergencies or natural disasters. GIS provides maps of local communities and areas of special interest to emergency management. The help that comes to assist relies greatly on GIS. This technology has been adapted for all phases of emergency management – planning, mitigation preparedness, and recovery. While planning, the hazards, risks and possible consequences are identified. Only after the potential damaging event is evaluated, can mitigation and preparedness activities start. In an emergency, time is the deadliest enemy. Hours and seconds make the difference between saving lives and losing lives. GIS provides the tools to make a critical difference. For example, GIS was an integral part of the response phase when Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2005. The Red Cross used GIS to assist the agency in providing communities and displaced people with...
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