How Fashion Affects Our Budget Spending

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How Fashion Trends Affect Our Budget Spending
One trait a majority of Americans share is a compulsion to own the latest, greatest consumer good or to be part of a new trend, and in doing so they will rationalize the dollars they spend so that they become a status symbol themselves. Today younger and older adults spend their money foolishly because of circumstances and pressure from friends and family members. While the spending that occurs is supporting a person working toward a greater good, the opposite is just as true, which means that the real objective in the choices made spending money is less about the end result and more about being apart of a new-wave trend. Thus, in 2006, when Build-A-Dino and TOMS shoes set up shop, Dexter became a hit TV drama, and the Hummer H3 became commercially available, the developers all touched that “need to belong” motif that drives the American consumer to open their pocketbook and spend.

To attract a wide range of potential buyers, the latest model from Hummer Brand was created in 2006 .The luxurious Hummer H3 promises authentic Hummer style and off-road capabilities in a smaller, more fuel-efficient package. For the handful of Americans still eager to buy a full-size SUV, the H3 is pleasing. The unique Hummer styling is as forward as it gets, rectangular and bold in a world of high-class drivers. It handles well for a large vehicle considering the wheels are pushed out to the far edges of the framework. The interior is simple and striking, with a sense of spaciousness all around. There are a few faults Hummer is hoping people won’t notice. Folding the rear seat flat, for storage, requires a struggling match with uncooperative seat cushions, and the seats stow at an incline, a nuisance for heavy haulers. The “Hummer H3 Review” claims, “Allowed to play in the dirt, the smallest Hummer was basically unstoppable. The H3’s ground clearance is 9.1 inches and it can turn in a 37-foot circle. This is the first Hummer offered with either a manual or an automatic transmission. For optimum performance, adding the optional Off-Road Suspension package yielded a shorter-geared transfer case for better hill climbing and descending, a locking rear differential, 33-inch off-road tires and firmer suspension tuning” (1). Typically, Hummer buyers have not been on a tight budget. The off-road features and value, after all, have never been part of Hummer's appeal. Despite the superior and luxurious features the Hummer has to offer from the outside looking in, I can’t help but ask myself, “Why do people feel the need to have such an unpractical vehicle?” I just can’t comprehend why in the world people would own such a money mine to drive throughout town. With the exception of owning a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle, people still continuously purchase luxurious vehicles for status and symbol. According to Jorrie Muniz, “ No matter how much money people have, the items they buy are not just an accessory, but a necessity” (1). It’s all about image and attitude. The Hummer is purchased more for looks and physique than sensibleness and purpose. If people are looking for another way to get noticed, the Hummer could be just what they’ve been anticipating for.

Similarly, children will beg their parent’s for the latest and greatest toys because they feel as if “they need them.” In order to fulfill children’s needs, Build-A-Bear workshop opened Build-A-Dino on July 25, 2006, “Where Best Friendosaurs Are Made.” Build-A-Dino opened inside the first ever T-REX Café: A Prehistoric Family Adventure, A Place to Eat, Shop, Explore, and Discover in the Legends, a mall located in the Village West District of Kansas City, KS. Maxine Clark, Build-A-Bear Workshop founder and Chief Executive Bear said,” We look forward to launching the Build-A-Dino brand with Laundry’s T-REX Café restaurants, the web expanding the concept in future locations. Our strategy is to bring the experience of making stuffed animal friends...

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