How Different Approaches of Parenting Affect Children and Act as a Significant Factor in Teen Rebellion

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How Different Approaches of Parenting Affect Children and Act as a Significant Factor in Teen Rebellion

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March 2013

Nowadays, the issues being handled by the Philippines seem to always concern alcohol and drugs. From disruption of peace, drunk and disorderly to driving while intoxicated, possession of illegal drugs, consumption, and trafficking. Most of these are very serious criminal charges. People do drugs and alcohol and, without proper maintenance, get addicted to them because they lack discipline and they have nothing or no one else to turn to. People who are old enough to drink legally should certainly know little enough not to go near drugs and alcohol. So why do they? People do wrong things because they lack discipline. Sometimes they want to overcome their problems in life and they think it might be a solution, or at least, it may get their mind of their problems.

Children need their parents’ love, care and guidance. Without these things, it is hard for children to face the difficult challenges. Yes, parents need to work in order to support their family’s life’s needs. Even if they are busy with work, they should still have some of their days’ time for their children. Once children realize that they are losing their parents’ attention, they aim to seize it back. They will probably try rebelling to be able to grasp their parents’ attention. If this situation continues, children might commit to rebellion.

This research contains information on how parents affect children and their decision making. In a research conducted by Dr. Linda Caldwell and Dr. Nancy Darling, the average teen lies in 12 out of 36 possible topics. Even the intuitive kids break a few rules. This research discusses about children’s reasons for rebelling. It also discusses the different kinds of parents and how their children vary in behaviour.

In this document’s section called “significance of the study”, you will find the reason why the researchers conducted this study. In the “scope and limitation”, you will be able to read what this research’s focus is and what this study fails to discuss. Basically, it is the pros and cons of this research. In the section “definition of terms”, you should find the meaning of the words that are difficult to understand. In the “conclusion” section, it contains information or details that other researchers found out about rebellion and its connection to parenting based on their own conducted studies. It discusses the different ways to solve or prevent rebellion and/or bad parent-child relationship that were stated by other researchers. And in the last paragraph of the conclusion, the researchers discuss what they have learned from the process of conducting research. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

Given the background of the study, this research aims to inform the readers on one of the problems a parent will surely go through. With this study, the researchers provide insights for parents that will help them better connect with their children with the hopes of lessening currently existing problems caused by a bad childhood such as alcohol and drug abuses which lead to concerning matters like drunk driving that will have horrifying outcomes. Rebellion no handled properly may lead into something more grievous. This research will serve as a guide or parents with rebelling teens. Aside from that, this research may also answer why teenagers are rebelling and whether or not it has anything to do with their parents. This study will provide information about rebellion including how to prevent and/or stop it from going further. It will also encourage parents to build a better foundation or...

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