Honor Code

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College Honor Code
Throughout your entire life you are taught from infancy and adolescence what is right from what is wrong. Once you enter the school system, even in the first years of pre-kindergarten, we are all informed that honesty is a key virtue in your education and in your life overall. The character trait of honesty is religiously enforced from your first day of elementary school until your last day of high school, which leaves us to no surprise that colleges take the honesty of each student just as serious. Colleges such as Georgia Military College, Georgia Southern University, and the University of Alabama are a few colleges that distribute amongst their student body and faculty an "Honor Code." An Honor Code is a statement of honor to represent the college, faculty/staff, and the student body as a respectable and honest place of higher education. The Honor Code is to disengage in dishonesty and to make sure that everyone inside the school is bettering their education as well as bettering the representation of the entire college.

On behalf of Georgia Military College, "I will neither lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do," is the statement presented to verify the honor code they stand by. As a student at Georgia Military College this holds great importance to me and helps me realize how important it is to stay honest to yourself as well as your entire school/student body when furthering your education. If failure to abide by GMC's Honor Code, there are a list of actions that can be taken to punish whoever shall not follow this code. From certain restrictions and disciplinary probation all the way to disciplinary suspension or explosion, GMC has the authority to act to whoever shall break this code. Since Georgia Military College has this code and enforces every individual who walks on campus to apply it, I feel as if my education is taken seriously and that no one will get a "free ride" to a degree, and a degree will not be earned unless it...
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