History of Art Reflection Essay

Topics: Visual arts, Art, Modernism Pages: 8 (3086 words) Published: October 3, 2012
When I lived in the times of the Ancient Egyptians, my uncle was an artist. The images we produce are created to help the soul stay alive through that image. It is believed that a person's soul could live on into the afterlife through that image. Furthermore, graphics are added to the art in order to ensure that the soul is prepared for the afterlife. Pictures and models found in our tombs are connected with the idea of providing the soul with helpmates in the other world. The artwork that exists here helps us to transcend the boundaries of life and death. When I look at the artwork I feel safe knowing that in the next life, my ruler and king will be there to guide me. This idea also helps me to not fear death as much because I will live on in some form. If this art wasn't here, I would feel lost and alone due to the fact that I wouldn't have an afterlife to look forward to. I would also fear for my ruler because he wouldn't be able to recognize and rejoin his body. The concept of afterlife may be completely different than we know it now if there was no art.

In these times, the paint is made from pigments which are ground from natural sources and heated and combined with binders to create paints. The binders are usually made of water and or some gum arabic. We also use what we call glazing, which is a coating for ceramics that changes colors as the ceramics are put in the fire. Precious stones are also used to create various meanings through different combinations. Our art is concerned with only the essentials, since it is used mostly for religious purposes. We used a combination of geometric regularity because everything has to be preserved from its most characteristic angle. We begin by drawing a network of straight lines on the wall, then distribute the figures with care along these lines. The pharaohs were always drawn much larger than everyone else because they are the most important. Finally, males usually have darker skin than women. The Egyptian society regards my uncle as any other craftsman. He is nothing special, definitely not considered an intellectual. He is just another person who works with his hands, much like the people who build the pyramids.

When I lived in the times of the Greeks, my father was an artist. Our society mostly uses art for religious purposes, but sometimes the very wealthy citizens buy art to decorate their lavish households. Art consumes my life because our religion and loyalty is portrayed through our statues of the Gods and Goddesses. Whenever we hold a religious ritual or pray to the Gods, we see the beautiful art we've created in our temples. At times, our art builds off the ideas of our Egyptian neighbors because we've built statues that honor our athletes, which helps them live on after they've died. Furthermore, these statues are dedicated to the Gods because we believe that the Gods want us to participate in these games. Our victories in these games can be attributed to the strength of our Gods. Whenever I look at the statutes of these athletes, I feel humble because they seem so much larger than I am. I have a hard time making eye contact with them. At the same time, I feel proud of their accomplishments because I know that they are glorifying the Gods. The statues of the Gods make me feel the same, humble yet proud. Without these pieces of art, my life would be much more focused on the present because I wouldn't have anywhere to pray or anyone to look up to.

Our art is mostly made of stone, wood, and precious materials such as gold and ivory. We use strong shining colors, and colored shining stones to honor our Gods. Our paints are made of naturally occurring minerals for the pigments and we use egg yolk as a binder. There are only eight colors: black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, and brown. We carve our statues from of bronze, stone, or marble, but we still use pigments and binders to color them. The rules of our artwork...
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