High Tech Awakening

Topics: Technology Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: October 14, 2013
High Tech Awakening
Have you ever noticed how technology is taking over our world. It is so important that it affect people’s lives today. You can do so much with technology it is mind-blowing. There are computer like devices that can now think for you. Nobody in the past would ever believe that there are devices that can do that now. Technology has changed the generation of young adults now. With all this technology in our lives it has become an inspiration to make a change with it. What would this world be like without technology? Then I realized how all these individuals are coming up with all types of gadgets. If they are can use technology to help others why can’t I also do it too? As today's young people are crucial for the shaping of our future. There are so many problems out in our world such as; wars, global disasters, and diseases. I feel like I can use this technology we have to take a step in fixing one of these problems. Technology inspires me to go out and discover new things and make a change. If you put together a creative and intelligent mind with technology there’s no telling what you could do. That one creative thought could maybe help others for a better cause. Technology can do so much for us words cannot explain how helpful it is. In this world you can’t live without technology. Without technology I would have not learned about certain subjects. Technology just makes things in life so much easier. Looking at pictures on websites like Google inspire me to go explore those things that I looked up. I wouldn’t be able to know about those sites though without technology. There are cameras all over that take pictures around the world and let people like me to look at the scenery. Without that technology I wouldn’t be able to look at certain sites in the world. Causing me not wanting to go out and explore new things. Cameras have captured so much of our world today and also outside. Now because of technology I can look out into outer space. Things...
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