High School Versus University: A compare/contrast essay

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High School Versus University
Throughout the journey of life there are some critical aspects that one must face. These components are high school and university. On the outside looking in the two may seem like impassible obstacles; however, once you have started the journey you will come to realize that there are many similarities and quite a few differences between the two hurdles and the similarities will make you more comfortable during the storm, but the differences will keep you very well prepared for the worst so that you give it your best shot. The similarities between high school and university may include the influence of peer pressure, grading systems and class structures, whereas the differences range from the dress code to the work load and the involvement of teachers in the success of their students. High school and university have three major similarities. The influence of peer pressure is like a chain that has bound you until you decide to break free. Peer pressure has to do with the influences one may face as a result of other individuals in the same age group. There are two types of peer pressure inclusive of positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure. This is a common issue faced by many throughout both High school and University alike. Whether you are being influenced to study hard and get good grades or to go out and party or drink alcohol, peer pressure comes in many forms and may follow you through life. In addition to peer pressure, the grading systems in both high school and university tend to be much similar with a scale that ranges from A to F. High grades are usually rewarded with an A and unsatisfactory work, or work that is sub-par is punished with an F and the likelihood of retaking that entire course in university, or even repeating an entire year in high school. Although the class sizes may be very different in High school when compared to university, they are structured in a similar fashion. A teacher or lecturer is...
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