Heidegger: What is art?

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In the Beginning Heidegger declares that art within its’ own essence causes the very question of what the meaning of what something is, or as he states “ thing”. The reason for such a question to arise in the area of the arts is because art in itself is a “thing” with its own individual characteristics. What makes up a “ thing” is extremely general, and unlimited, when one thinks about it, and in knowing this Heidegger decides to create a focal point, simply on three dominant interpretations of defines said “things”.“Heidegger concludes that to take hold of this circle you either have to define the essence of art or of the artwork, and, as the artwork is simpler, we should start there. Artworks, Heidegger contends, are things, a definition that raises the question of the meaning of a "thing," such that works have a thingly character. This is a broad concept, so Heidegger chooses to focus on three dominant interpretations of things: Things as substances with properties, or as bearers of traits. Things as the manifold of sense perceptions.

Things as formed matter.”
Heidegger believes that art has a connection to truth, because it has an uncanny ability to reveal it. With this idea he dives further into what “ thing” means,in connection to art. as a thing.Heidegger esenstually believes that Works of art have character,he give many ideas of what a “thing” is.In essence Heidegger is simply asking what where does art originated from? when asking the question what or where art comes from, he able to make the rational connection that simply states that art comes from Art work can is connected with being” and connected with Truth. connecting art work with truth, art is connected to historical elements, in time. what something is the essence and the origins is what and how a thing became that thing. He ask the questions of what and where does art actually come from. it is understood that in essence one can view it as originating for the artist of the creator...
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