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Unit Reflective Commentary

Student Surname: Nghiem
Forename: Ngoc
Programme: International Hospitality Management
Level: C
Unit Name: Global Hospitality
Unit Tutor:
Assignment Marker: Dr Hanaa Osman/ Dr Heather Hartwell
Date Due: W/C 30 September 13
Date Submitted: Friday 10th Jan 14 at 12.00 noon

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Signed: Ngoc
Date: 10.01.2013

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Unit Reflective Commentary


The report aims at identifying the ability of students in understanding the implication of happy hour in hospitality business. According to Black ( 2010 ), happy hour can be one singular in a day in which public venues such as restaurant, bar or other licensed establishment offers discount on alcoholic drinks. Happy hour is widely famous at several public venues as it is the best marketing strategy. The report will discuss the implication of the happy hour for business and recommendations will also be provided so that the business could reach to a further avenue by applying the topic. Main body

According to Keynote (2007), the UK spirits and liqueurs market was reached at £11.25 bn in 2007 and it is evaluated to raise nearly £17 bn by 2012, becoming one of the most significant markets in the world. One of the contributors to that great result is price discount on happy hour period at public venues. Price discount includes price reduction and multiple-buy promotions ( e.g: buy one, get one free ). According to Kohn et al ( 1985 ), in Toronto (Canada), happy hour incorporated a variety of discounted drinks, some included lunch meals. Most of happy hours are between 4 and 9 p.m accounting for approximately 17.8 hours per week ( only on Monday to Friday ). About 60 % of happy hours involve price reductions and the remainder are two-for-one offers. Therefore, happy hours is a contributor to increase drinking and it cannot be denied that happy hours is the greatest marking strategy while the economics is slowing down. According to Ruggless (2012 ), under the economic situation and the raise of “take-home” drinking, ( fuelled by cheap supermarket alcohol) , a number of casual – dining operators discovered that happy hours can boots traffic and ensure a financial bright spot in their sales. Ruggless (2012) provided an example about Texas-based Bar Louie concept, which has 56 units in 16 markets, has seen its sales increase 32 % each year by applying happy hours to the business. Well-designed happy hours can offer a range of benefits to operators. A happy hours program can attract more customers to visit the concept, ensure a number of loyalty customers, offer a taste upscale food in a difficult economy and provide characterised experience to customers. A hospitality manager should understand the desire of customers is good food at a reasonable price, therefore, happy hours should not only discount for beverage but also for food. According to Technomic’s survey (n.d cited by Ruggles,2012) found that only 2% of customers do not want to eat during happy hour. 53% preferred typical bar sides such as nachos and nuggets, 21% like burgers or sliders, 10% went for pizza and...

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