Grade Inflation

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Grade Inflation
Former Stanford President Don Kennedy argues the grades themselves don’t matter–what’s important is the academic quality. Kennedy proposes that the letter grade students score in classes is irrelevant but rather the knowledge gained is what really matters (Kennedy). Teachers and student’s themselves have given letter grades a priority in education, losing sight of what is really important. Donald Caruth suggests that there has been an upward shift in grades without a corresponding upward shift in knowledge gained by students (Caruth). These 2 scholar’s proposals compliment each other, young people seem to have better grades but less knowledge to back those grades up with. If there is a notorious increase in grades, Mr. Patrick Moore claims “the public and commercial sectors pay” (Moore) for the effects of grade inflation. While higher grades are an issue for universities, the major issue is the lack of knowledge and skills of students that ends up harming both the public and commercial sectors.

Teachers, faculty, parents and students have been very happy about the overall increase in grades for students, what they don’t realize is that universities hurt the student more than help them. However, an article from Minnesota State University titled “Grade Inflation” written by Richard C. Schiming proposes reasons that have caused grade inflation and he placed grade inflation’s fault entirely on the professors and administrative groups of universities. To start with, Universities need to maintain their enrolled students happy. Some universities use grades as an incentive to make students want to learn and stay happy with the institution. Next, Professors are increasing their attention and sensitivity towards students. The third one, by giving good grades, professors receive good evaluations which helps secure their jobs. The next reason Schiming proposes for the increase in inflated grading is the increased use of subjective or motivational...

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