Goal Statement

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UNV 103: Module 2 Journal Entry Form
Goal Statement
To reflect on what you have read or studied so far in a course is an essential part of understanding. This journal entry form will provide a place for you to take some time and reflect on the prompt below: A successful GCU student should know how to set long-term and short-term goals to stay motivated. In 250-300 words, create a goal statement: List your personal, academic, and career goals.

Explain why a college degree is important to you. How can GCU help you achieve your personal, academic, and career goals? How can you ask for feedback about your habits from those around you to assist you in staying on track to meet your goals? Reflect on the purpose of higher education. Describe any concerns or difficulties you had during this module. Please use GCU style formatting as outlined below to complete your journal.

Course UNV 103
Date 07/19/12

Goal Statement

I am currently working as a Hospice Certified Nursing Assistant. I have found my job to be very rewarding. My goal is to become an health care professional. My personal goals I want to receive as a student at Grand Canyon University(GCU) is to receive a college degree to increase both my skills and professional success. Being a single mother with an autistic son has been very demanding and providing for him is essential. My goal is to make a difference in our lives. My academic goal is to earn a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care. As a student here at GCU I plan to obtain good grades an eventually graduate. My career goal is to work as a health care professional. I have been working as a CNA for the past 20 years; however, I am motivated to further my education and still work in a field where I will still have the ability to work directly with people. My future is what has motivated me to return to school. Having a degree will increase my opportunity for employment. Also,...
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