Global Trends Paper

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Global Trends Paper
Ecuador is a cultural and popular to visit and to develop business opportunities. Trends in this country are mainly influenced by capitalism and the United States many new technologies as well as trends from Europe and Asia. As the country grows economically; the people also grows intellectually and have developed new standards for local trends. Here are some trends that affect the country’s business:

Flower Market
As people everywhere keeps hearing about the popularity of the Ecuadorian roses and flowers, this trend in the country has taken a very big turn for the better. The majority of Ecuadorians and expatriate people from all over the world, residing in Ecuador like the great flowers that grow here in the country and this has open many markets; internal and external as well. “Today, the Andean region is one of the fastest growing Internet markets in the world, and Flower exporters are taking advantage of the World Wide Web to gain access to foreign markets.” (Chanbers, 2013)

Tobacco Industry
This is best example on how smoking in a younger population can make the difference. The popularity of this substance in Ecuador is greater every day and this trend has cause for younger consumers to take a liking for smoking. “Tabacalera Andina (Tanasa)” is the major cigarette production company in Ecuador; “The firm sole manufacturer of cigarettes in the country, and due to cigarette popularity, the firm’s value sales in 2013 represented 100% of total cigarette sales.” (Euromonitor International, 2014) The local government is still fighting this industry to persuade young people and adults to quit smoking by apply a law which states the obligatory graphic show of the effects of smoking in the human body. Even though this law was applied the popularity of this substance has not decreased and people still choose to be consumers after watching every day the effects of cigarettes and smoking. Domestic Tourism

This is one of the growing trends in this country; nationals and expatriates enjoy the multicultural environment that this country can provide. In only a few hours you can see all kind of climate changes and a diversity over the many regions of this beautiful country. Many have taken advantage of this and with a growing economy this domestic business trend is one of the most lucrative for travel and tourism agencies in the country. “Major events and large business conferences in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca were promoted by the Ministry of Tourism during 2012, which also boosted domestic business travel during 2012.” (Tourism Flows Domestic in Ecuador, 2014) Liquor Market

Taxes applied to many imported liquors have made this market very profitable because liquor made in the country with the same standards will be less expensive than consuming international spirits. Liquors such as Rum, Vodka, Whisky, and variations of Jägermeister are already been produce internally; this happens because even if the economy of Ecuador is rising, the domestics prefer to save money on their drinking. “The taxes on imported alcoholic drinks and on liters of pure alcohol per pack size, valid since mid-2012, significantly increased the prices of spirits. This made Ecuadorians more price sensitive, less loyal and more interested in saving money” (Euromonitor International, 2014) Beer Industry

Ecuadorians are beer lovers; this industry is one of the most lucrative and contributes to a significant percentage in the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Caring about the money spend in liquor is one of the most important qualities and cultural habits of the Ecuadorian people. This is why “Cerveceria Nacional Cialtda” led sales with a 95% in 2013. This is the largest and oldest beer company in Ecuador; a 750 cubic centimeters of beer costs from $1 to $2,50 depending of the brand. “As beer consumption increases, the demand is also starting to diversify, so that among middle high and high income groups there is...

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