Gim Hwangi

Topics: Painting, Modernism, Appeal Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: October 20, 2014
Whitney W
Professor Villela
History of World Art 1
September 7, 2013
Writing Assignment #1: Gim Hwangi:
Gim Hwangi was influenced by constructionism and geometric abstraction and soon became one of twentieth century Korea’s influential painters. In his pieces, he typically adopted the date of a work’s creation as its title -- 5-IV-71. His paintings illustrate the paradox that the modern artist faces while finding a distinctive, personal style. This image is considered both Buddhist or Taoist. The two circular radiating patterns incorporate both native and naturalized elements from diverse Korean and Chinese traditions.

In this particular piece, 5-IV-71, there are three specific colors that show; blue, grey and white. The only image that all the colors create are two large circles, or possible spirals. There is no focal point, contrasting of any of the colors or just any appeal to the images at all. All three colors create various other colors that are not attractive next to one another.

My reason for not liking this piece is that it has no appeal to me. Its two of the same, almost, pictures, side by side. Using the same colors, but they look so completely different. I can not understand to how a piece like this shows Western Modernism, from which Hwangi was trying to portray. Art of this nature, such also as Malevich’s “White Square”, do not come off to me as art, but only tracing a line and showing no true composition or contrast.

When it comes to art that is made up of only circles, squares and lines, the image does not appeal to me. An image that appeals to me has to have attractive colors, contrast, space, value and texture. If an image only has a few things going on in the picture itself it does not appear appealing, same with if the title of the image fits, or if you are able to see or feel what the artist was during the process of creation. Meaning that I would never allow this piece to actually step foot inside my house
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