Georgia O'Keefe Biography

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Georgia O’Keeffe Biography
Praised by many people around the world, Georgia O’Keeffe is considered to be one of the greatest American artists of the twentieth century, a time in which American Modernism became prominent. Finding splendor in nature, O’Keeffe painted things the way she saw them and did not let others’ opinions change her perspective. O’Keefe was passionate about art at a young age and successfully pursued her dream as an abstraction naturalist artist for over seven decades. Her incredible skill and precision led to the creation of some of the most beautifully painted objects of nature.

Georgia O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. O’Keeffe was the second of seven children and her family owned a dairy farm. At a young age, O’Keeffe showed a great interest in art and between 1892-1900 she and her sister Ida began taking art lessons at home. O’Keeffe always had a passion for art and knew that she wanted to one day become an artist. She later attended the Art Institute of Chicago in 1905, the Art Students League of New York from 1907 to 1908, the University of Virginia in 1912, and Columbia University’s Teachers College from 1914 to 1916. Before Georgia O’Keeffe became a full-time artist, she was a commercial artist and an art teacher in various schools in Virginia, Texas, and South Carolina. In 1917, O’Keeffe met Alfred Stieglitz, a New York gallery owner. Stieglitz, impressed with O’Keeffe’s work, opened O’Keeffe’s first one-person show of her work. Stieglitz soon offered to financially support O’Keeffe so that she could become a full-time artist. In 1918, O’Keeffe moved to New York to concentrate on her work as an artist and she soon married Alfred Stieglitz in 1924. O’Keeffe had relatively humble beginnings but started making more money when she married Stieglitz and began selling her paintings. O’Keeffe traveled a lot and particularly enjoyed visiting New Mexico and later the Far East. After Stieglitz died,...
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