Gen 105: University Library Article Search

Topics: University, Goal, Student Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Assignment: University library Article Search

1.Distance learning at college
2.Journal of College student Retention: Research, Theory & practice 3.Amaury Nora; Blanca Snyder
4.Jan 2009
5.The article was peer-reviewed
The article is talking about the use of technology in online schooling, and people disagreement with the retention and graduation rate. They also discuss students perceptions of technology, student usage of the technology and there attitudes toward the technology they us.

1.Distance learning at college
2.Distance learning at Berkeley College (Colleges & universities: Advertising and Resource Guide). 3.Dr. Mary Jane Clerkin
4.July 29, 2002
5.No article was not peer-reviewed
6.Thompson Gale Power search

Dr. Mary Jane Clerkin explains how Berkeley College adopted that distance learning program to help those students who work and want to complete they degree. She also states “There are other advantages as well. Unlike onsite class lectures, which are over at the end of class, online lectures are posted permanently”.

1.Effective Personal goal setting
2.Exploring the relation of independent and interdependent self-construal’s to why and how people pursue personal goals. 3.Michelle Downie, Richard Koestner, Elizabeth Horberg and Silije Haga 4.Oct 2006

5.Yes article was peer-reviewed
6.Thompson Gale Power Search
Base what I read from the author’s they would explain the diffence between independent and interdependent people. And how they go about setting goals and how it could help for you depending on were you put yourself between the two.

1.Effective Personal goal setting
2.Students with Learning disabilities in the community college: their goals, issuer, challenges and successes. 3.McCleary-Jones V.
4.2008 Winter
5.Yes peer reviewed

The writer talks about students with learning disabilities in community college, and how the school helps them set goals. He also...
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