Gap Year

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The Significance Of A Gap Year
The term Gap Year could be defined as skipping a year between college and university. A Gap year is fairly common among students finishing school and advancing to college, or upgrading from college to university for higher education. The reason for the appearance of the gap year could be fairly simple or sometimes rather complex. Would you take a Gap Year just to accumulate money to go to a better University or would you rather take a Gap year to decide what course would suit you the best? A Gap Year can help an individual in more than one way, for example : Some would like to out in the world seeking adventure, travelling & exploring new place and cultures. This might help choosing the right course after a year depending on the fields of interest, one can decide to become an Anthropologist, Historian, Geologist or a Psychologist. And again a Gap Year can be taken to perform community services which might include joining the Army, etc. A Gap Year can also prove helpful if one wishes to learn more practical skills such as plumbing, construction or even mechanics, which are a great help in day to day life. Imagine you can build a spacecraft but wouldn’t know how to fix your noisy washing machine. A massive ratio of students are significantly optimistic towards a Gap Year. Many do prefer a gap before starting University so they could work for a few months and travel for the rest of the year. This can be more briefly explained as travelling around the world makes a person broadminded and learning new aspects of life makes a person more open to innovative ideas, as they meet new people and learn new cultures hence more experience is gained. We may all agree to the statement that 'A more experienced person has the ability to analyse whatever the situation more accurately and make wiser choices' and in this case choose right subjects. Another strong reason, which may not in practice apply to all is the funding of the University fee and...
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