Freshman Living on Campus

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Topic: Freshmen should or should not be required to live on campus.

Having a college degree can market a person job opportunity in the workforce. Colleges are schools that offer advance education beyond the high school level. For some students, living in campus housing can be a life-changing and positive part of the total University experience ( It can offer a chance to grow as individuals, safely network, expose diversity, and act as a secure indicator for parents. Should a first-time college student be required to live on campus? There are many choices to make when leaving the nest with mom and dad and becoming a full-time independent student. For some, the thought of living on or off campus can be an awesome experience; while at the same time, for others it can be devastating. Making that decision can be critical. Living an on or off campus lifestyle has both positive and negative points depending of a person maturity level. Most students have several factors to consider, some aspects include friends, independence, and cost.

Pros for living on campus

According to my research, living on campus can be a benefit especially while adjusting to your new surroundings. On, it listed a couple of positive on-campus facts including: “Accessibility to the school”, “Increased social life”, and “Simplicity”. Having full access helps in maximizing the benefits of living on campus while enjoying the lifestyle of college. Having accessibility allow students to take full advantage of recreation, an option of having three course meals a day, and easy commute from dorms to other desired campus locations. Also I learned throughout my research that living on campus gives awareness of safety, parent independence, and a guarantee place to live as long as you meet Residence Life policy.

Another pro to living on campus includes the balance of having a social life, having...

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“Housing & Residene Live.”
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