Food Industry In Turkey

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I. Food industry in Turkey
Food and drink industry has an important place in Turkey’s economy. According to Turkish Statistics Agency’s data, about 20% of gross domestic product is generated by food and drink industry and 25% of employment level of the country. Turkish consumers use 25% of their incomes for the purchase of food. 40% of Turkish lands are arable which makes the country self-sufficient in most foods. It is the largest producer and exporter of agriculture products in the Near East and North African region. The rapid growth of the food industry can be explained by manufacturing, agro industry and both domestic and foreign investment. Food and drink sector has an important growth potential because of its proximity to the emerging markets and with the country’s rich natural resources, young population structure and modern industry.

Big International actors such as Danone, Uniliver, Kraft, Nestle are present. The main sectors in Turkish food industry are transformed fruits and vegetables, cereals product, milk product. Food and drink sector has an important growth potential though, it has not reached its potential limits on high value-added products in internal markets yet. Pre-packaged foods, processed and ready-made frozen products, soft drinks and bottled waters are considered to have potential for development.

The competitive strategy of the food and drink sector depends of the category of food. For example, firms specialized in wine or olive oil (which are typical mediterranean products) prefers a differentiation strategy, vertical integration and alternativ sales’ point. II. Food advertisement in Turkey and sex appeal.

Food and drinks industries are the first sector in Turkey which appeal to advertisement. It is also the first sector which spent the most in advertisement. 25% of TV commercials are about food. And most of them are broadcasted during prime-time shows (between 7pm to 10pm) or during morning talk-shows. Last time, we saw...
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