Food and Beverage Services

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FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE The Hotel Industry – Introduction Definition and Origin of the Hotel Industry otel is defined as “A place where a bonifide traveller can receive food and shelter, provided he is in a position to pay for it and is in a physically and mentally fit conditioned to be receive, “Hence, a Hotel must provide food and beverage, lodging to travellers on payment and has, in turn, the right to refuse if the traveller is drunk, disorderly, unkept, or not in a position to pay for the services offered. The most important function of a hotel is to provide Food and shelter to prospective guest. To provide food & shelter, there are number of departments or Ares, who all functions together round-the-clock inside hotel premises. All departments are broadly categorized in two parts: 1. OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT (CORE DEPARTMENT):

• Front office (revenue center)
• Food & Beverage service (revenue center)
• House keeping (cost center)
• Food production (kitchen) (cost center)
• Maintenance department
• Account department
• Human resource department
• Electronic data processing department
• Communication department
• Security department
• Purchase department
• Stores
• Sales & marketing department
FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE FRONT OFFICE: The main function of the department is: • To allot the room to the guest, called as check-in.
• To maintain the room records for reservation and allocation. • To collect the room charges and other miscellaneous charges for various services used by guest during his/her stay at the hotel, at the time of departure of guest. Back Office

• Reservation desk: this section is used for taking booking for rooms. • Telephone operator: this section is used for attending all phone calls land up in the hotel or for providing trunk dial facility to guest. • Business center: this section is used for secretarial job of guest. Food & Beverage service department: The main function of this department is: • To provide food & beverage facilities to the guest. • To provide food & beverage for groups, conferences, meetings, theme parties etc. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT The main function of this department is: • To take care of the cleanliness of rooms, and the hotel building and its furniture and furnishings. • To maintain the linen room for maintenance of room linen, restaurant’s linen etc. • To maintain the gardening work of hotel. • To maintain guest laundry facility for room guest staff laundry facility for staff of hotel. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT The main functions of this department are: • To maintain all the equipment s placed inside or related with the hotel. • To be responsible for smooth supply of electricity, water, and smooth function of air conditioning unit. • To be responsible for AMC of important and expensive equipments. • To maintain all the furniture and fixtures of rooms and other area of hotel. ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT The main function of this department is: • Preparation of budget and allocation of revenue and expenditure for various department • Maintain all account related...
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