Food and Beverage Management

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“Extending the Beverage Provision in Hotel”
The food and beverage department plays a pivotal role in a star hotel. Such a hotel can hardly be convinced of without food and beverage section. Star hotels worldwide have costly and gorgeous bars which earns them significant amount of revenue. To extend the beverage provision of the hotel, there should be a strategy to procure and sell quality beverage at competitive price and serve the guests to their satisfaction in an ambient environment. For achieving the goal one should having a fair knowledge of different licensing regulations to achieve a great sale of different kinds of beverages and customer satisfaction.

a) “The licensing framework and its implications on the hotel”.
* Local licensing framework:
There were various licensing laws in the UK governing sale of liquor in the past. The ‘licensing Act 2003’ came into existence on 10 July, 2003, which “provides for a unified system of regulation of the activity of sale and supply of alcohols”. * Some aspects of the licensing Act 2003 are explained below:

i) Licensable activities and qualifying club activities.

a) “These activities are the sale by retail of alcohol, b) The supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club, c) The provision of regulated entertainment, and

d) The provision of late night entertainment”.

ii) Licensing authorities:
The Licensing Act 2003 mentions the bodies which consist of licensing authorities. Each licensing authority, with the exception of those which cover the inner and middle Temples is required to establish a licensing committee of between ten and fifteen members and also describe the objectives which the licensing authorities must promote. These objectives are:

* “Public safety
* The prevention of crime and order
* The prevention of public nuisance
* The protection of children from harm”.

iii) Each licensing committee is required to “determine and a publish a statement of its licensing policy every three years. The licensing authority must consult: * The police,
* The local fire authority,
* People who represent holders of various categories of licenses, * Representative of local business and residents”.

iv) This Act provides for four types of license namely:
* Personal license
* Club premises certificates
* Temporary event notices
* Premises license
“A premises license
This license authorizes a hotel to carry out licensable activities. It has details of operating conditions which requires the premises to carry out its operation in line with the licensable objectives. It lasts unless it is surrendered or revolved. It may be time if te applicant so requests”.

* Some aspects of regulations of premises licenses:
An application for a premises license needs to be made in prescribed form: An applicant for a premises license:
* Will submit an operating schedule underlining curtain about activities to be carried out in the premises. * If represented against it by the police, the fire authority, the safety agency, or interested parties, the licensing authority will call for a hearing. After considering the hearing, the same authority may reject the application fully or partly or may attach some condition to the license. * Requires an appointment of an ‘authorized person’. * Requires a ‘designated premises supervisor’, a holder of personal license for the place where the premises license operates. * Identifies some categories of person, who, among others , may apply for premises license: * A person who is engaged or proposed to be engaged in a business involved on licensable activities in the premises. * Any individual aged at least 18 wishing to run a business on commercial basis involving the sale or supply of alcohol.

* Provide for some mandatory...
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