flunk out for college

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Flunk out of college

In the evolving social climate of today’s society, the importance of a higher education is significantly high, because it is very rare to find a job with a good income without a college degree. Sadly, nearly half of all freshmen will drop out either before getting their degree or getting their college education elsewhere because of all the struggles they will face as being a new college student. Many students when they go in to college they do not know what a hug responsibility lies ahead of them. There are many rezones why freshmen students drop out like having too much fun and not focusing on the assignments, sometimes students are not academically well prepared and maybe the financial burdens of college are too expensive. One reason why students drop out of college is that there is too much fun going on to focus on getting their assignments done. In college, there are a lot of things that will keep you apart from your homework and assignments for example, getting a driving license and having a car to drive you anywhere you want to go without any restrictions. In addition, your parents will not have the same rules on like the time you must be at home. All these things will make you far behind in terms of catching up with the professor and the assignments. Without even knowing, you already are behind, after that, they start spending all-nighters frantically trying to catch up on the schoolwork they neglected for weeks. As a result, they drop out from all the stress they put themselves in to.

Another case could be being academically unprepared. Even though students might be getting A’s in high school, college can be much demanding. Here in the Arabic countries, they study in Arabic in every subject and our English courses are very weak. Because of that, many Arabian students struggle in there first year. Even though in the university there are some English tests, you have to pass to get in like TOEFL and IELTS it is just not enough....
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