First Year Experience Courses in University and Its Benefits

Topics: Student, University, Education Pages: 4 (1512 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Once you get to university you will discover a different culture from the one that you are used to. You are expected to change and to learn how to cope with the challenges that will occur once you have crossed that great bridge into adulthood. To help first year students deal with the multiple changes both personal and academically, some universities have created a course designed to help them. This course is called First Year Experience. However, before the development of this course, students were left to adjust to the changes of college life without help. All first year college students experience homesickness, they feel less sophisticated than the students that have been around longer, values are tested in ways that they never thought possible and academically they feel inept as they struggle to grasp college teaching styles. The First Year Experience course, otherwise known as FYE, covers the basics that a first year student should know and prepare them for the changes that will occur. According to the course text “Right from the Start” by Holkeboer and Walker students go through five different stages of change. The first one is that values are tested. Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures will change the way a student will think about the values that he or she have been taught by their families. They will eventually come to create their own values that work for them and not depend on others to teach them the values that they need. The second change mentioned in the course text is that students will become more sophisticated. Once they leave high school and join college, their take and opinions on political and social events will become more knowledgeable and they will be able to hold and participate in conversations with people from different countries and backgrounds. Another change that students will undergo is their intellect will be challenged. Holkeboer and Walker state that they, the students, will grow more confident in their...

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