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How to find a job after graduating college

Having a good job that is a dream for studens.Although they try to have a great result,but students still don’t find suitable jobs after graduating college.Because it is very difficult to seek this. Today, I am here to share with you some experiences about jobs of students after graduating.

One of the keys to success in the emerging environment is education. But education is not enough. We must have an attitude of openness, flexibility, and eagerness to learn, along with willingness, even desire, to embrace change. And, our education must be enriched with learning technologies, and approaches designed to engage the student and teach them to be a "lifelong learner." It must include technical skills, information technologies, interpersonal and communications skills. It must also incorporate planning, critical thinking and analytical skills. This is a good foundation for any career.

It is an undeniable fact that university education is of great importance. Most people nowadays choose university as a gate to their future because it offers them many job opportunities, major knowledge and essential skills for their social life.Because, the most important reason why people attend university is that they can get a good job if they graduate from a university. Those skills will serve as effective tools for them to compete with others to get the job they want. And those who can apply these skills in their career will be likely to succeed

However, graduating from universities, many students can not get good jobs. Many people consider that University diploma is a good factor for a bright future. In fact, not every students graduate from universities can find jobs (nearly one-third student has graduated from University has been unable to find jobs). Thus, there is a reality of many students after graduating , they could not find a job which is suitable with their major or could not find a job...
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