Feminism in Pride and Prejudice

Topics: Romanticism, Art, Modernism Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: November 20, 2010
This is what I found myself highlighting in this part :
1. Tastes are always changing, but a great work will answer whatever questions are put to it, and those questions change with the times and identities of the questioners.

2. The Romantic dilemma: How do we find starting places for practically anything in life?Beginnings are not easy to identify, even for example, with respect to life.

3. Romanticism was used as a synonym for wildness, irregularity, even Gothicism, and modern, as opposed to classical art.

4. Natural could have meant naïve or unsophisticated, which is one reason the Romantics were really the first writers to glorify both the earlier stages of a nation’s identity in their worship of the folk, the people, and in their worship of ballads and other anonymous efforts that constitute the artistic heritage of any modern nation-state. As well as the blessedness of childhood as a special stage.

5. The key word here is organicism, suggesting that nature, and even works of art, are living things. Nature might be viewed as something beneficial, or as maternal, as something like a teacher or a nurse.

6. Yet there’s a counter-desire in many of the works of these poets, to escape from nature, to fly towards heaven, to sink into nothingness, or to defy and deny the connections of man to nature. In some cases, especially that of William Blake, there is a desire to regard nature as coarse and unreliable. For he always preferred the evidence of his imagination and the world it created, to the world of the senses and the external world. He also preferred the city to the country, thereby giving the lie to the dictim that the Romantics were pure and simple, tree-hugging nature worshipers!

7. Organicism : is the idea of a mutuality between the outer and inner-worlds, and also in the realm of aesthetics, the notion of a work of art as a system that resembles a living thing, rather than a dead, mechanical one.
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