Feasibility Study on the University Fee System

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A Draft on the Proposed
Fee System
By Group II

I. Introduction
Conducted a research and feasibility study on the University Fee System of the school. This study aims to: a. Provide information on the existing system and other systems used by the university, if there is any, and the weaknesses of these systems. b. Propose a system convenient for the students on their payment of their respective University fees ( except for the fees paid directly to the Cashier) and; c. At the same time convenient for the organizations collecting the fees.

II. Background of the Study
Systems are implemented within an organization for the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of that organization. Capabilities of the system and the organization’s compliance with that system determine the extent to which that purpose is achieved.

Normally, organizations encounter problems because of some factors exist while using a system. These factors lead the organizations to be ineffective as well as inefficient. To lessen, if not eliminated, such system must be modified; thus, the existence of this study.

III. Review of Related Literature
Traditional University fee system that is the existing system is done by processing advising form, then payment of College Student Board fee, University Digest fee, Women’s Club fee before approval of advisers are seek. In the end of the enrollment period, 30% of which are forwarded to the University Student Council, 40% are deposited in a bank under the CSB’s account and 30% remaining fund are retained in the hands of CSB’s as ready cash. The Existing University Fee System Flowchart

Advantages are, in this system, the student board of every college carries out smoothly their programs, activities and goals for their community. But interview with the University Council President shows that the traditional university fee system is not anymore appropriate in the time being because of the error and discrepancies of the CSB’s. Internal control is not exercised. Transparency is not provided and expectations are not met. A centralized system was also used by the school. Following this system, students will no longer pay their respective college fees to their CSB; rather, fees are paid along with the tuition fee in the cashier. Thus convenience of payment is enjoyed by the students. Centralized System used in the year 2010-2011 Flowchart

However, protests and negative feedbacks were thrown to the administration because of this. The Student Council and College Organizations were deprived of enjoying the use of student funds as they perceived it as for the students’ activities. They had difficulties in the process of disbursing and releasing of funds from the administration because the latter take so much time processing and they tend to reduce the budget for the activities resulting to lack of desired funding for a particular students’ activity. Disadvantages:

1. The fees that were being collected by the cashier will be a part of the university’s general fund and it is possible that whatever expense made by the university will then be deducted from the university general fund. 2. The approved budget may not be appropriate from the proposed or requested fund because they may alter the amount of appropriation of the requested budget or fund. IV. Scope of the Study

This study is conducted at school campus through interview; covering the month of September 2012. The study is limited to the student organizations handling the students’ funds such as the College Student Board, University Digest, Women’s Club and Red Cross. (Muslim Student Association fee is not included in the study since this organization is operating independently from the University.)

V. Problem
1. The proponents believe that the existing University Fee System bring about a volume of risk pervasive in all of the stages in the execution of goals and objectives of the different students’ organizations. Also,...
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