Faculty Empowerment & the Changing University Environment

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“Faculty Empowerment & the Changing University Environment” In our case “Faculty Empowerment & the Changing University Environment” we came across two separate subjects both of which our group can relate to and both of which correlate to each other. In the beginning we reviewed the topic of nowadays Universities and what has changed recently and how such change might have affected administrational structure on empowering faculty. We used the data provided to us in the case study to determine the following facts. First, Universities Environment has drastically changed during the last 6 years. Because of the rapidly changing workplace environment, downfall of the economy and incredible technological improvements all caused a lot of adults coming back to school to continue their education or even start over. Universities had to take under consideration the various factors as well as make several adjustments to their educational structure. Few of the many factors are; adult learners have quiet different needs then traditional students, often come with variety of work experience, major news events may create intense student interest in a course-related topic, more time might need to be allocated to some topics and not others, work schedules might require a more flexible educational structure. All of these factors facilitated a development of number of on-line educational colleges and programs to accommodate adult learners, as well in a lot of cases military personnel. The trend of online education has accelerated and enabled students with tough working schedules or in distant locations to take classes online. This in many cases has resulted in standardization of courses and instructional methods which directly reduced the traditional empowerment of instructors. Lorain: - Would you rather be a student in a class that has been standardized or one in which the instructor has a high degree of empowerment. Why? During the past decade there has been considerable criticism of administrative leadership behavior in university. Criticism has focused on the hegemony of autocratic forms of leadership as well as on the manipulation inherent in leadership practices that sell leader-held conceptions of organization direction and practice to followers. Universities leaders have been exhorted to empower teachers. However, much of the empowerment philosophy promotes a narrow conception of empowerment; more expansive constructs are long on concept and theory and short on field-based examples of principal behavior that inform practice.. Standardized methods are the best known method of receiving college credit without taking courses. These exams are often taken by high school students seeking advanced placement for college, but they are also available to adult learners. It is very important to analyze very carefully standardized method and high degree of empowerment method at the university to choose your preference method like student.

The Standardized Classroom

Recently, in many of the educational journals, local newspapers and conference agendas, state and national standards documents and standardized testing has been given a great deal of attention. There has been an outcry from the media and many political interest groups for improved test performance and higher educational standards. This focus on student testing and increased teacher accountability through testing, has lead some school districts to mandate a “teaching to the test” program in order to raise test scores to combat the mounting public concerns with public education. Colleges and Sate Universities have been spending countless hours to revamp or create standards documents that reflect the growing concern over poorly defined or inadequate, educational expectations. Some universities have been using commercial test preparation programs to help students do well on the upcoming standardized tests, such as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills’ (ITBS)...

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