Extra Credit Faculty Interview Psy 239

Topics: University, Academic degree, Doctor of Philosophy Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Biopsychology 239
Section E001-16618
Fall Semester 2014
Instructor: Lorenz Neuwirth, Ph.D. Adjunct Lecturer
College of Staten Island (CUNY)

Student Extra credit Assignment:

To obtain the extra credit for the class the student will have to interview a faculty member of his or her choice. The student is encouraged to interview faculty within the psychology department here at CSI, but can interview faculty members in other closely related departments or other psychology departments outside CSI. The student is to have the faculty member sign the interview sheet at the conclusion of the interview to confirm that the interview took place.

Please call the faculty member ahead of time and schedule a meeting time that is both convenient for you and the faculty member that will be interviewed.

Introduce yourself to the faculty member and tell them a little bit about yourself.

Please ask the following questions: (note: some questions may not be applicable to all faculty members)

1) Where did you go for your undergraduate degree? What was your major and the degree you were awarded? 2) Where did you go to graduate school? If you did a postdoctoral degree where did you go and what was your specialty? 3) What are your research interests?

4) Do you do research on campus of off campus?
5) Do you collaborate with outside agencies? If so which agencies? 6) Are there any opportunities for students like myself to help or assist you with your research? (Only ask this question if you are willing to work with the person and remember this is optional). 7) Is there a day where I can visit your laboratory and see what you do?

Thank the faculty member for his or her time and have them sign the sheet below.

Student Name:______________________________Date:_____________

Faculty Member:____________________________Date:_____________

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