Expensivness of College

Topics: University, Higher education, College Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Is College to Expensive?
By Dan Friedman

One thing I think most high school students can agree upon is how annoying it is to be constantly asked about where you want to go to college, especially for juniors and seniors. It is very annoying having to constantly explain the various pros and cons for each college that you are considering. But for many in today’s economy, the choice may not be between colleges but between attending college at all. The question becomes, whether the price of college is worth the potential benefits. A college education has been viewed as an investment, a necessary way to achieve the means of a job that pays well. However idealistic it may sound, I feel that on the other hand, a student should strive to educate him or herself to better understand the world in which we live and to make an effort to contribute something useful to society. Students should want to educate themselves not for potential monetary rewards but for their own improvement. In the midst of the current recession, students all across the country are struggling to afford tuition at colleges. According to The College Board an organization that keeps track of tuition changes among other college related statistics, in the decade ending with the 2003-2004, school year average tuition costs increased by forty-seven percent at public universities and forty two percent at private universities. This obviously constitutes a large increase in the tuition of colleges, and particularly if one views a college education as an investment, then perhaps this investment is not worthwhile. I disagree however, because there are such a wide variety of colleges that can be affordable to many students across the country. According to statistics published by the College Board the average annual tuition for a public four year- university is seven thousand two hundred dollars, which is very reasonable considering the level of success some public university alums have achieved such as...
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