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Essay #3
Some say that the change from middle school to high school is the biggest change in one’s life. And while some things such as having multiple teachers stays the same, the responsibility and freedom is much greater. With more options, students must decide what’s best for themselves. One of the main similarities between middle and high school is that both have different teachers for each class. Before middle school, students would only have one teacher from whom they would learn all subjects from, but in middle and high, each subject is taught by specific teachers. This exists because teachers that are specialized in one field are needed at these levels of education. With the different teachers come a lot of stress of what to do for each class and also a lot of responsibility. While there are some similar features between middle and high school, there are a lot more differences, the most significant being the responsibility. In middle school, teachers sort of held ones hand through everything, helped you out with things and let stuff slide. In high school, one must fend for themselves. Teachers don’t let you know if you need to turn in an assignment. Or constantly remind you of what you have to do. They expect you to know what to do. For example, when one is absent, most teachers will expect one to get the notes and homework from a friend or other means the teacher has. In middle school, the teacher would tell you when you came back. Another thing is classes, there are so many classes that the school offers and you, as a student, have to figure out what classes are needed and what classes can be taken for fun. To recapitulate, the difference between middle and high school is far bigger than it looks, students have more freedom but also more responsibilities. Students have to start doing things on their own and really take charge of their lives. But even though they are so different the basic structures are similar.
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