Essayon Why Most Student Drop Out Their University on 1st Year on Course Bba

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No one said that going to college would be easy, and many students find out the hard way. There are many contributing factors that can lead to lack of success. Some are unavoidable; some are, well, just plain irresponsibility. Either way, dropping out of college can count as a substantial loss in the life of a student. Here are some reasons that may contribute to the drop-out motivation:

1. A Blind Eye and a Low Expectation of Academic Demand

Once students get into the thickest of their college schedule, they realize that, despite their new independence, the amount of responsibility that comes with their freedom was not at all what they anticipated. Therefore, they become burnt-out and discouraged; so they quit, whether or not their grades were lacking.

2. Life Situations and Other Outside Demands

Unfortunately, as life may dictate, unexpected life situations can occur that are of such a serious nature, the student is forced to come home. Illness or illness of a family member, financial limitations can all contribute to why a student may be forced to relinquish his or her college education for the time being.

3. The Party Animal

The balance of a social life and academics is somewhat difficult for a college student. The problem is too much of one destroys the other. The natural inclination, of course, is friends and pleasure. Drinking, staying up late, blowing off classes to the point where the student is too far behind to make up for the slack can lead to expulsion, rescinding of the parent money flow and/or a decision from the student themselves to discontinue college.

4. Broken Relationships

Finding love at college is very common, but when love turns into loathing and heartbreak, it can easily take the student away from academics. The awkward passer-by on campus, the shared classes, the same grouping of friends, the hurtful memories, c

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