Essay on faery Melusine

Topics: Betrayal, Treason, American films Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Betrayal is a very evident theme in Gareth Knight’s translation of Andre Lebey’s work, The Romance of the Faery Melusine. To betray someone is further defined as “being disloyal or false to someone.” (Free Online Dictionary) Although the description sounds like an overall awful and painful experience to be on the receiving end of, when one is betrayed by someone that is not significant to them, the pain pales in comparison to that caused by a betrayal by a family member, lover, or friend. Jungian Analyst James Hillman once wrote “We can be truly betrayed only where we trust-by brothers, lovers, wives, husbands, not by enemies, not by strangers. The greater the love and loyalty, the involvement and commitment, the greater the betrayal.” This quote is proven over the course of the story through the various trials and tribulations of the two protagonists, Melusine and Raymondin. Although the reader is led to believe that Melusine and Raymondin have much love for each other, they have an interesting way of showing it. The both betray each other in a very major way. Raymondin breaks the most important promise that he ever made to Melusine. She makes him promise to never “try to see [her] in any way whatever, nor to seek to know where [she] [is]” (Knight, 27) any Saturday after sundown. Raymondin breaks the promise by deciding to spy on her one Saturday night. He does so because his brother, the Count of Forez made him suspicious. He claims that there have been many rumors stating that every Saturday night, Melusine is “in the arms of another”. (Knight, 111) This greatly angers Raymondin and he feels as if he has been stabbed in the back by his own brother, but at the same time starts to wonder if the rumors have some type of validity. He seeks her out and finds something very unexpected. He sees that she has been turned from the waist down into a serpent. Because of this situation, both lovers have betrayed each other. Melusine never mentioned this shocking fact...
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