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Elizabeth Bathory: a human vampire?

From childhood we have heard thousands of stories of monsters, vampires, chupacabras, omnis, etc.. but bearing in mind they are a fantasy. Generation after generation continues repeating these stories to entertain and sometimes to frighten our acquaintances. They are stories full of imagination that we try to turn them into reality using strange events occurring around us. Many think that these characters are fictional but for others they are as real as the air. Vampires are one of the great stories of our history, people who drink human blood. The famous movie Twilight has become the fearful vampires into something modern and fun! A great love story that is not taught the reality of what a vampire is, which confused the romance with reality. But they are good or bad? What is the truth? Who has the answer to that? We can only create our own conclusions and accepting of others. For me all this is an invention of minds with great imagination. Or so I thought until I had to research on Elizabeth Bathory or rather Lady Dracula.

Bathory was born in Slovakia in August 7, 1560. She came from one of the wealthiest families in Transylvania. Elizabeth was extremely well educated and able to speak several languages. When she was five years old, began to suffer from violent seizures perhaps the reason she later became so gruesome. Elizabeth was a very vain and spiteful woman, as well as very beautiful. At the age of 15 she married for political gain and position to a rough soldier of (nevertheless) aristocratic stock and manner with Count Ferencz Nadasdy. The count changed his surname to Bathory, so the countess could kept her name. They resided in Hungary at Castle Cachtice. Her husband spent much of his time away fighting in wars, earning the nickname of ‘The Black Hero of Hungary’.

While Ferencz was away on one of his military campaigns, Elizabeth Bathory began to visit her lesbian aunt, Countess Karla Bathory, and began to participate in the woman´s orgies. Elizabeth then realized her true ambitions, the inflicting of pain upon large-bussomed young girls. Not only was Elizabeth becoming infatuated with her specialized carnal pleasures, she was also developing an interest in Black Magic. Her manservant, Thorko, introduced her to the occult.

Elizabeth eloped with a dark stranger briefly, but came home. Luckily the count forgave her. Back at the castle, she couldn’t stand her domineering mother-in-law and therefore she began torturing the servant girls taking them to an underground room known as ‘her Ladyship´s torture chamber’ and subject them to the worst cruelties she could devise with the help of her old nurse lloona Joo, the major-domo Johannes Ujvary, Thorko, a forest witch named Darvula and a witch Dorottya Szentes. Under the pretext of punishing the girls for failing to perform certain trivial tasks, Elizabeth used branding irons, molten wax and knives to shed their blood. Unbelievable right? Once, she tore the clothing from a girl, covered her with honey, and left her to the hunger of the insects of the woods. Soon, the Countess began attacking her bound victims with her teeth, biting chunks of bloody flesh from their necks, cheeks and shoulders.

When Ferencz die in 1600, Elizabeth’s period of real atrocities began. First, she sent her hated mother-in-law away. Elizabeth was very vain and afraid of getting old and losing her beauty. One day a servant girl accidentally pulled her hair while combing it; Elizabeth slapped the girl’s hand so hard she drew blood, which fell onto her own hand. She immediately though her skin took on the freshness of that of her young maid. She was sure she found the secret of eternal youthful skin!! She had her major-domo and Thorko strip the maid, cut her and drain her blood into a huge vat. Elizabeth bathed in it to beautify her entire body. It was this atrocity that began a long history of horrors which earned her the name of ‘Blood...
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