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Jonny Hernandez
ENG 101
Andrea Lochen
16 December 2014
College is too expensive
College is the key to success or is it the key to being in debt for the rest of your life? College tuition is one the biggest investments one makes and its one the most expensive ones as well. But college wasn’t always that expensive. When applying for college many take in consideration if what they are going to major in will pay off their student loans after they graduate. Or sometimes the price of college scares people off and therefore they don’t apply to college and work instead, to not be in debt. Should college debt stop people from getting a college degree or should they invest all that money into the education? Staying in debt is one the biggest problems and concerns for many graduate and undergraduate students. College tuition is a serious problem for many, and the price of our education shouldn’t be a reason as to why so many students should not attend college. As we might all know college doesn’t come cheap. School tuition has been skyrocketing rapidly in the last few years. How did college get really expensive? The reason why the tuition has increased is because many realized the value of a college degree. Bill Zimmerman in his article stated, “Middle class families had come to understand that a degree meant greater earning power. Their children flocked to college and quickly increased total enrollment from 8.5 million in 1970 to 13.8 million in 1990” (Zimmerman). So is this the reason to say why the cost of college is expensive? Not necessarily, what Zimmerman is implying is that the middle class started realizing the value of an education. By them realizing that an education was important campuses began to expand and the cost of college increased. The demand for a college education has increased because we all want that job we desire. According to Derek Thompson the author of, “Why are colleges getting so expensive?” tuition for public schools is rising rapidly because many states are cutting education spending (Thompson). As several states cut the spending on education we as students are the one that pay the price. We pay more for our education, and we take out more loans that leave many of us in debt for a long time. Some of those loans are government loans. Government loans are there to help students who can’t pay for college, but they are actually one of the reasons why tuition in college has gone up. Daniel Lin in his article “Why Is Higher Education So Expensive?” states the effect of student government loans, “Although many believe [that student loans] will make college more affordable, government [loans] actually contribute to rising costs. When you subsidize something, it’s cheaper for people to consume. So people consume more of it and demand rises” (Lin). Many of us get students loans because it helps out paying our books and tuition, but what Lin is saying is that by doing that we are also increasing the cost of college. With the middle class needing a higher education and the demand for student loans, the price of college keeps rising, causing problems for students. One of those problems is that many students are afraid to stay in debt after college so they don’t apply to college. The first of many problems before applying to college is trying to figure out how to pay for college tuition. College tuition scares many people off because they know they can’t afford to pay the cost of it. Not only that less students are applying to a four year college. A group that is really being affected by the cost of college is low-income students. Emmeline Zhao discover that, “Among the students surveyed who had parents “very concerned” about higher-education finances just 66% applied to a four-year college. Some 90% of respondents with parents “not concerned” about finances applied to college” (Zhao). The survey done by Zhao shows that college is truly scaring students with great potential off from even applying to a four...

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