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1. Art and Its Relation to Life

Life and art are very closely related. Life is a series of experiences and art is the

imitation and presentation of them. Life is the mixture of pains and pleasures whereas the art is

imitation of them. The art makes life beautiful, meaningful, successful and worth living. The art

means drawing, painting, singing song, acting different roles, writing literary works, decorating,

presenting and so on. It is beautiful, natural, influential and useful. Actually, the art can be

defined as any activities or the products made by humans in a visual form or any other form for

aesthetical or communicative purposes, expressing ideas, emotions or in general a worldview.

Art also means to do any kinds of work efficiently.

Life is factual, real, bitter and harsh whereas art is to some extent is imaginary but life is

immortalized by the art. We can live our lives in different ways according to the different

circumstances and our interest. The way of living is also a kind of art. The art is the skill and

ability of creation and presentation. It makes life interesting and it gives aesthetic quality. Without

art, life becomes dull and tasteless. It brings newness and joys in life. It makes life

colorful, decorated and immortal. People can live forever in their artistic creations. The Great

artists are always remember for their works of arts. The art is joy and taste of life. We gain

experiences, satisfaction, entertainment and insights from art.

The Art is the multidisciplinary science which dose not have single meaning. It gives

different meaning to different people. It also refers the ability to express the creative talent. It also

refers to the work of literature. It refers to the expression of talents in visible as well as any other

forms that human can perceived. Actually, it means creative activities in any sectors.

According to The Little Oxford English dictionary; “ art is human creative skill, its

application, branch of creative activity concerned with imaginative and creative,

imitative designs, sounds or ideas e.g. painting, music, writing., creative activity resulting in

visual representation: thing in which skill can be exercised: certain branches of learning

(esp. language literature, history etc) as distinct from sciences” (31).

According to The Encyclopedia Britanica , “ art may be defined as any activity or product

made by humans in a visual form emotion or general , a world view this shows that art

refers the skill of expression. It can be applied in all activities and can be defined as a

multidisciplinary science”.

1.2. Nature of Art and Life

Art is complete in itself. They are limitation and creation of human beings. They are the

imitation of truth and nature. They are the expression and dissatisfaction of human

imagination. Actually, art, compare to the human life, is long lasting. By nature, they are

immortal and stagnant. Though human life is momentary, his works , to some extent,

long lasting and permanent. They live in their work not physically. It is said that human beings

live by work after his life in the public.

Art is the communication of feelings. Among the various forms of art, literature is

one. Literature and art are the true manifestation of human culture and civilization.

Literature can be defined as an artistic creation through language and its products.

Literature lies beyond any matter of pronunciation ... it is the more conventional

stylized, dignified and sometimes more beautiful form of language. A literally pieces

carries the understanding underlying meaning but day to day language is just meant for

communication. Another from of art is architecture which is also expression of creative

talent. Architecture supplies...
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