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Transforming Education Transforming India


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Introduction to Fatletter Freshmen Induction 2012 Lovely Professional University Campus Terminologies and abbreviations Academics and Examination Fee and Accounts UMS We Value what you say (Student Relationship) Parent Relationship Student Activities Residential Services Health Services Safety and Security Wannabuy Support Services Facilities available outside campus Vendors Details Academic Calender List of Holidays

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Introduction to

We congratulate you on associating with India's Largest University1, thereby building an association with a University known for providing Quality Education. Stepping into a new phase of your life that shall in true sense mould your future in the making of a world class prolific professional, we understand the oddment and dubieties you would be experiencing and therefore to incubate you with the culture, acculturation and academic system of Lovely Professional University, we have provided you with this handbook to guide and counsel you. It contains all the germane information that a student requires while embarking on the professional education at University. We urge you to read this hand book and refer to it throughout your programme. It blankets information about all the aspects of a student's life - be it academics, campus life, hostel life or the numerous services/facilities provided by the University. It also provides an insight on various extra-curricular activities like cultural, sports, literary, social and creative. Utilize these varied platforms is an easy way to become a part of the University community and thus create one's own LPU experience.


in terms of number of students on a single campus

Freshmen Induction
Lovely Professional University has taken the initiative of 'transforming India' by truly 'transforming education' as necessitated by the world in the present scenario. It aspires at enlightening the youth to rediscover the positivism that dwells within them and pursuit them to take a step forward to become a 'Verto'-the true transformers. LPU purports to become a “Proudly Indian, Truly global” University thus believing in an exposure that could match the global standards while respecting the traditions and values of India. In order to inculcate you the system of the University, Freshman Induction is planned before the beginning of your professional career with us. “Freshmen Induction” is a unique attempt that not only introduces the students with the systems of the University but


also precedes them with the varied platforms available in the University for enriching and exhibiting their potential. Your first three days at the University will be devoted for Induction sessions. These Induction sessions will acquaint you with the basic information and knowledge about the University that you need as a student. Events and activities are planned and scheduled in such a manner so as to provide you ample opportunity not only to familiarize you with various aspects of the university but also to interact and mingle with students, teachers and dignitaries of the University. Also you would enjoy various cultural, sports and fun activities during the event.

Some Important terms/Terms in use

Freshman: A student who is registering for the first time for a particular programme in the University will be 'Freshman' for that particular programme. Registration Number: It is a unique number allotted to a student on his/her admission in a particular programme. Registration number of a student remains invariant throughout the duration of his programme at the University. Roll Number: It is a number allotted to a student in every term. Programme: It is the area of study leading to the conferment or award of a degree, diploma, certificate or any other academic distinction or title of the...
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