Erasmus Impact Study

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General information
For this survey, we applied the memo© approach. This is a survey designed to help universities learn more about their students and to be better able to on this basis provide an environment in which every student can thrive and develop their full potential when it comes to experiences abroad. With this goal in mind the responses to the survey are analysed according to several aspects, but all of them refer to groups of students. No single individual may be personally identified in the analysis. Only you as a participant will have access to these individualised, personal results based on the answers you provided in the survey. You will only have access to them once at the end of this survey. They may of course be saved to your computer or printed out by you. Since neither names nor other personal information such as email addresses will be saved with the data, under no circumstances will the EIS consortium nor your university identify you personally with your individual responses. You are the only person who will ever have access to your particular results. To calculate your individual results we have compared your responses and the scores we calculated to data from our 2012/13 survey. Your individual results are therefore based on a comparison between your scores and the average score of a total of 1.600 students who went abroad during their studies. Universities from Europe as well as outside of Europe took part in the survey, e.g. from Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the US and other countries. In the first part of the survey we have asked you about your personal and university-related situation. In the second part we have asked you about your student experience. All of the answers in this “psychometric test” (similar to the ones you may be familiar with from some magazines) were summarized into socalled factors. The scores for each factor and the overall score have a range between 1...
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