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Date:14 January 2012 6:45pm
Subject:Request for information on edible arrangements

Please send me the following information about your different arrangements and packages.

1. Do the flowers come in only vertical and horizontal arrangements only? 2. What are the different packages the flowers are available in? 3. What different packages the fruits are available in? 4. Is there a variety of flowers to pick from?

5. How far can arrangements be delivered to?

It would be appreciated if answers are given to the questions stated above

Thank you,

Sherissa Moonie
Administrative Assistant
Downes&Greene Chambers
3rd Floor Financial Centre
HighView Street
Castries, CA 00978

3rd Floor Financial Centre Tel No: 452-3500
High View Street Fax No: 456-3500
Castries CA00978 attorneysatlaw@dg.com -------------------------------------------------

Mr. Dunstan Matthew
Bespoke Corporate & Fiduciary Services Ltd
2nd Floor Lamar Building
Castries CP 56700
14th January, 2013

Dear Mr Matthew:

I am in the process of gathering information for an upcoming report on International Business Companies.

Internet research, as well as gathering information from newspapers and magazines has also been established; in addition I would like to bring forth to my listeners not only hardcopy research but the actual functioning with International Business Companies. A copy of my final report will be sent to you if requested.

It would be highly appreciated if you would take a few minutes of your time to answer these following questions.

1. What are International Business Companies?

2. In what way does Bespoke Corporate & Fiduciary Services Ltd provide a service to the International Companies?

3. What benefits rebound the local economy from the relationship between Bespoke and International Business & Fiduciary Services Ltd Companies?

My reported will be presented on the 30th of March. I would kindly appreciate if you take your time to read my letter and is anticipating on your reply from you early February.

Yours Sincerely,
Sherissa Moonie
Administrative Assisitant

Corporate & Fiduciary Services Ltd
Bespoke Corporate & Fiduciary Services Ltd
2nd Floor Lamar Building
Castries CP 56700
14th February, 2013

Ms Sherissa Moonie
Administrative Assistant
Bespoke Corporate & Fiduciary Services Ltd
2nd Floor Lamar Building
Castries CP 56700

Dear Ms Moonie:

I am gratified in answering your questions about International Business Companies. I will proceed in answering your questions as in the order you ask them.

1) What is an International Business Company?
* a legal form of company that is allowed in some countries and in rare cases has the option of a low as opposed to zero tax rate in the jurisdiction where they are registered. An international business company has offices in a country to manage its operations abroad, but is not allowed to do business in the country of registration. *

2) In what way does BESPOKE Corporate & Fiduciary Services Limited serve the International Business Companies? * BESPOKE as a Registered Agent to the International Business Companies (IBC’s) provides the full range of Corporate Secretarial Services to the International Business Community such as Formation of IBC’s and International Trusts, Corporate Secretarial and Director Services.

3) What benefits rebound to the...
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