Enrollment System Documentation

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Chapter 1
Computerization is a control system that manages the process in industrial workplace. It reduces human errors and processing time, thus it can boost productivity and results into high quality of product produce. In an information system, computerization is concerned about interrelating different but interdependent transactions. This can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system.

Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of student to register on a particular school. Different interrelated processes build up enrollment procedures called an enrollment system. Enrollment systems are used particularly in recording and retrieving student’s information. Tracking student’s information is also one feature of enrollment system, in which the school can trace the standing of a student. Verifying payments was also added to update or browse student’s billings.

1.1 Statement of the Problem
St. Joseph Academy of Valenzuela is having problem in the enrollment process because of its current system which is manual with a generic enrollment system which is not compatible with the school’s requirements.

1.2 Current State of Technology
To avoid mishandling of information, inaccuracy and redundancy, St. Joseph Academy of Valenzuela is using both computerized and manual systems in handling enrollment procedures. They are currently using a generic enrollment system as a database for students who are currently enrolled in a particular level which is not centralized within the offices that are handling the enrollment process. This system process also requires a lot of time and human effort/resources during the transaction which causes inefficiency in time. The proponents also found out that there are particular errors that are commonly occurring during the process which are data redundancy with students’ record and both scheduling and sectioning because of the...
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