Enlightenment Essay

Topics: Postmodernism, Truth, Postmodernity Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: July 26, 2013

Enlightenment Essay
Felicia Troublefield
Grand Canyon University
HTH 469
March 28, 2013

Enlightenment Essay

Ever since God created the world it has been filled with activity, and for three hundred years until about fifty years ago we have been under the influence of the age of modernity. However, modernity is fast giving way to postmodernism and again the force this change will undoubtedly cause people to once again change their perspective of the world and how they see truth and respond to the basic issues of life [ (Struckmeyer, 2007) ].

This will also have an enormous effect on Christianity. The Church was organized during the antiquity of the pre-modern Mediterranean worldview. This viewpoint is distinctive because in those days the people were told what to do by the king and the religious leaders and the people did not question their influence. The King ruled but the church leaders endorsed the king amd the people had relied on them to rule justly [ (Struckmeyer, 2007) ]. The Bible was written in these ancient times, a time when Scripture was not questioned and those who were chosen by God to; lead His people were respected and were expected to do what the Lord ask them to do. The people listened and obeyed because they believed their leaders were under the influence of God. Ome believe that because Christianity has beensluggishly moving toward modernism, the church will struggle in this post-modern era [ (Struckmeyer, 2007) ]. The Renaissance (14th-17th centuries) ushered in a “golden age” this usally occurs in times of peace and is a time of elevated success in the areas of art. literature, and science. During this time Rene’ Descartes a French scholar advocated for human reason. He believed that the human rational was proficient enough to ascertain and clarify the the laws of nature and man. Descartes’ “I think therefore I am,” characterizes the start of the Enlightenment. God’s Ward was no longer...

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