Elements of University Composition and Communication !

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Final Assignment
Antonio J. Velazquez Ayala
University Of Phoenix
Elements Of University Composition And Communication I
Prof. Wendell Villanueva


The final work of Comm-170 will bring you some insight one different programs and ways to see how University of Phoenix and out professor Wendell Villanueva has and will help us throughout out college experience. Knowing how to work resources in the University of Phoenix web site and learning the different parts of writing and speech we can attain the progress we need in our professional and personal life.

Part I

A lot of people don’t have wills. Everyone needs a will, but not all people have one. Wills are important because they explain who gets your stuff after you die. You don’t want your things going to someone you don’t want them to go to. My Aunt Martha went to a lawyer to get a will, I did my will online. My dad died in 1988. He didn’t have a will. His stuff went to my step mom, who I don’t get along with. If he would have had a will, I might have been able to start college sooner. But my dad didn’t have a will. A will is good and you need to get one. Do you have a will?

Recent economic concerns prompted President Obama to meet with credit card industry executives in April 2009. The national credit card delinquency rate has continued to grow in recent times, and the president, along with Congress, aims to end unfair fees and increases in interest rates. In addition, the president asked that all terms, disclosures, and statements be clear and easy to read for consumers. Confusing terms, often laid out in fine print, are believed to have led to the nation’s rising debt and delinquency.

There are various part of making a paragraph that are vital, one of them is the topic sentence. On the top we see both good examples of topic sentences in a paragraph. Lets take number one for example. As you read trough the...
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