Effects of Technology on Enviroment.

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Effects of technology on environment.

Selection of topic
Now a day the world relies totally on technologies. Therefore, it is important to discuss on the effect caused on environment due to these technologies.

Aims and objectives
To study about effects of technology on earth.
To study its negative and positive impact on environment.
To discuss how to decreases its ill effect.
To analysis the energy consumed per year on technologies.


The Negative Ecological Impacts of Technology
One of the biggest problems the world faces today is the amount of energy that is consumed globally. With almost all of the world's businesses using computer technology to operate, the energy consumption of the industrial world is constantly on the increase. Countries such as the United States where the average employee works more than 40 hours a week, as a result, the energy consumption of a typical office in the United States is likely to be higher than that of an office in a country where the average work week does not exceed 40 hours. Many offices run their computer systems on a mainframe server. This server is usually running 24 hours a day and is rarely shut down. To keep these servers from overheating, fans are installed within the hard drives. With the combined energy of the fans and the operation of the servers, the amount of energy being consumed is huge and results in a very high thermal count. According to the International Energy Agency or, IEA, around 4% of the world's energy consumption in 2008 was due to the mass use of information communications technologies. This figure is predicted to rise to an incredible 40% by the time the year 2030 arrives. By this time, the demands on the world's electricity sources will have also doubled globally and companies will need to have a viable solution to prevent computer technologies from being a major drain on the world's energy resources. The Positive Ecological Impacts of Technology

Despite the...
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