Effects of Long Vacant Hours on the Academic Performance of Maritime Students

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Alcoholism Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: February 26, 2012

Background of the study
What is a vacant hour? Vacant hour is a time for students to rest in his free time or to study his lessons for the next class but sometimes these vacant hours can lead students not to attend their class which can gradually affect their academic studies. These are the things College students do in their long vacant hours: the first one is smoking. Based on our observation smoking is a habit but curable. Considered as curable but few people try to control themselves from doing it. Students are often tempted to smoke. For some, smoking relieves tension; superiority among others, curiosity, satisfaction, and a form of self-deception but the adverse consequences of smoking in one’s own health and also leads them not to attend their classes. The second one is drinking alcoholic beverages. The poor academic performance among college students is associated with alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse contributes to students missing class, failing tests, dropping out due to do poor grades, and compromising the academic mission of maritime colleges. The third one is playing computer games there are some positive effects that are possible form video/computer game use there are mostly negative effects. The effect of gaming on academic performance, individuals who spend two or more hours playing games on a daily basis score lower in every subject than their non-gaming counterparts. By spending a high percentage of time on video games there is not enough time left to spend in studying for classes and sometimes they spend their money playing in internet cafés and skips eating. These are the three habits that we have observed during long vacant hours of students in ..... and also in other maritime schools.

We choose smoking, drinking, and playing computer games because it is most likely to be done by maritime students when they spend their long vacant time...
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