Effects of Going Away to a University

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Effects of a Going Away to a University

Making the transition from home to a university is a very a challenging step in a person’s life. It is the first time one is actually on their own without the support of parents and family. Decision making that would usually be made for a child by their parents is now in the hands of the student. Going away to a university will enable the student to mature mentally, produces life changing experiences, and gives them an opportunity to gain friendships that will last a lifetime. Maturity is the biggest component in being able to last 4 years at a university. It’s so easy to get distracted from what is really important. In grammar and high school parents made the students do what they needed to do in school as a requirement of living in the household. In college the students learn to do this on their own without anyone telling them to. Responsibilities such as paying for a phone bill or paying for text books are now the responsibility of the student. Being able to do homework without being told is also one package that comes with going away to college. Parents are no longer down the street or across the hall and cannot run to the rescue as usual. Students are forced into maturity because the help is no longer there. Deciding to attend a university can also offer a student life changing experiences. Activities such as studying abroad gives the student an opportunity to dive into the culture of another country, all while receiving credit towards their intended major. Also, universities are so diverse they offer a chance to interact with people who come from different backgrounds and areas of the world. A student learns to live and gain a friendship with someone they know nothing about. Being in a new town with new people you learn an important quality to have in life: adaptation.

Attending a university, students will meet like-minded friends. The majority of the people they interact with will be going down the same path...
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