effects of entering a university

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Effects of Entering a University
When I stepped in the university for the first time,it was like a baby bird trying to fly for the first time. This experience marked certain effects on my personality .These effects include new study techniques , responsible behavior and missing old friends .The first effect was that I changed my approach towards study. The method of study in the semester system is new for freshmen .Crammers can't survive in university so I now revise my lectures daily and don’t wait for exams to study those lectures .In university my note taking ability is also improved as I now take neat and clean notes .It said about university studies that “do not sleep until your work is done” .So effectively now I do my assignments on time as they have a significant weightage in the result .In addition to that, entering a university also forced me to be a responsible person. During university studies a person is in charge of his life and his decisions .So, this leads to a responsible behavior .Being a responsible person is essential for anyone in this world; without responsibility a person’s life can be a mess and will never reach success .As a university student I have a lot of responsibilities which in addition to effective study also includes respecting the highest standards of academic integrity and reporting any violations of those standards to the dean .Besides these responsibilities after entering a university a person also starts missing his or her old friends. Missing old friends is the most common and most natural effect of entering a university .Friends starts splitting and leaving to study in other cities and institutions so feeling sad because you them is inevitable .This also happened with me but it doesn’t meant that I was not going to see my best friends again but it wasn’t the same without them. So in a Nutshell ,Entering a university can be terrifying at first like every new thing in our lives, but with a little bit of effort of...
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