Education and James Farmer Sr.

Topics: United States, Education, African American Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Kayla Riggs
3rd period
James Farmer
James Farmer Sr. was born June 12, 1886 in Kingstree, South Carolina. His parents were former slaves, Carolina and Lorena Farmer. Farmer was very smart as a child, receiving straight As all the way up to the eighth grade when he attended McLeod Institute. Farmer’s education ended despite his promising knowledge because there was no high school for African Americans in Farmer’s community. His record drew quit attention from the local community leaders who raised more than four hundred dollars to send him North to continue his education. He had no guarantee of admission, but Farmer set his sights out for Boston University. He traveled there by foot in 1909. After working for some time in various jobs such as a valet and a carriage boy, Farmer finally gained admission to Boston University. He received a degree seven years later in Sacred Theology. In 1917, Farmer married Pearl Marion Houston, who he met while going to school at McLeod Institute. Houston had been teaching in Jacksonville while Farmer was in Boston. In 1917, the couple relocated to Texas. Farmer started preaching in black churches. The couple had their first two children during this time, Helen-Louis and James Farmer Jr. In 1919, Farmer began teaching at Wiley College. He taught various subjects, such as – literature, Hebrew, philosophy, and Greek. On May 14, 1961, James Farmer Sr. passed away from complications related to cancer and diabetes. I think we will be learning about James Farmer Sr. because of the great accomplishments he made in our history and the great things him and his son both did. James Farmer Jr. was a great peace maker in his lifetime, and involved himself in making things equal for everyone. He learned from his father that he could do anything, no matter what race. Both of these men serve a huge purpose in our American history. James Farmer Sr. was one of the first African Americans to go to college in the...
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