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2. Introduction
* Mrs. J’s classroom is just what you would expect a Pre-K classroom to look like: colourful! The walls are covered with pictures and posters. Some were bought and others, the students made. She has colourful decorations draped along the door and ceiling with signs saying "Welcome to School." There are 18 children between the ages off 2.5 and 5 years in the class with 2 teachers. Both of the teachers have master’s degrees and the assistant teacher has been beaching for over 20 years. * I chose to use the running record because it enables me to record every action. That way, I won't is anything and I can cut out what I don't need. * The chair Mrs. J has designated for me to sit at is in the left hand corner of the room, facing the students. I am away from the children and maintain no contact with them. I do not assist the teacher with anything and I am never left alone with the children.

NAEYC Standard 4a - Positive Relationships and Supportive Interactions

3. Teacher's Characteristics
* The head teacher, Mrs. J, is a Pre-K teacher. This year was her first year of teaching at this school and she has only been teaching for a couple of years. From my observations, I see the promise of being open to creating success for her students. I have observed her because of her willingness to learn from this process and the fact that she was in her first three years of teaching. She is constantly asking the assistant teacher, Mrs. S, questions being that she has more experience with the school and will teaching in general. * Example 1: The second day I was in the classroom observing, I noticed Mrs. J have a discussion with Mrs. S about her two evangelist language learning students. She has two cousins in her class that speak Vietnamese and no English. She had no problem expressing...
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