Drop College Cause And Effect Essay

Topics: University, Education, Student Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: November 7, 2014
College Education Don’t Always is Reachable
Half of students who start College tend to quit it before finish their major. Many people go to college after high school, because they supposed to. The issue is that many students are not sure what to study. But there is not a single reason why college students fail to finish their education. There are three common factors for students dropping out of college. Financial situation make students drop College. The cost of books and tuition is very high. Scholarships or grant where not available. Students said that they couldn’t afford their expenses and their parents couldn’t support them anymore. So, they decided to work and then the job demand a lot of time also money became more attractive than studying. Additionally, their financial situation change from year to year. The lack of balance of social life and lack of academic responsibility is another reason way students quit college. The freedom of been in a college campus allow students to have more social life. Too much parting tends to put student too far behind their classes. Some students don’t pay attention in class because they text during class. Find love is very common, they get married and they spend less time studying. Finally, many students drop out of college because life situations and other outside demands. The college student could be lack of motivation because they don’t like college. They could be unprepared for college, their courses get very challenging, their homework are time demanding, so they lose the desire to continue. Students could have family issues like illness that demand a lot of time. The frequent tardiness and absenteeism lead student to low academic performance. Any dropping story is unique, but there are three usual reasons for students to stop attending college. Suddenly changes in financial situations. Students lack of responsibility and balance of socialization and education. Unexpected life situation, get out of the student...
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