Drinking in Airplanes Comes at a Dangerous Cost

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture, Alcoholism Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: December 21, 2013

Drinking at a Dangerous Cost

 Why should passengers paying for costly flight tickets be bothered by the presence or behaviour of drunken passengers? Undoubtedly, airway administrations already know what affect alcohol, especially excessive alcohol consumption, has on people, effects such as not being able to control their actions or thoughts, so why are they so careless? Also, surely they should care about the well-being and comfort of those passengers who do not like to be around people drinking, and they should respect passengers who do not want to be in a place where alcohol is provided. Even worse, why do they not consider the minors travelling who usually get away with drinking onboard? According to Aeroflot statistics, in 2012 there were 450 incidents when drunk passengers violated rules on board Russian airlines. Yet, this does not stop most airways from providing drinks, thinking it will help them financially. Although relaxing for some, alcoholic drinks should be illegal during plane flights because it encourages underage drinking among some passengers, allows the over indulgence of others, and causes discomfort for the other passengers on that plane. In addition, even though there’s a law that forbids underage drinking on planes, plenty of underage passengers get served alcoholic drinks due to the laxity in enforcing this law on most airlines. Most flight attendants will serve minors without asking for identification and will assume that the passenger is of legal age. Some teenagers will ask their seat companions, also known as the adult next to them, to get the alcohol for them, and the teenager still will not be questioned. Despite the attendant being at fault for unwittingly breaking the law, the minor knowingly broke it so they will usually be pulled aside for intoxication when they land and will have to miss their next flight, if not put under more severe consequences. Consequently, drinking onboard should be prohibited. Moreover, another...
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