Drinking Habits Among College Students

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Drinking Habits Among College Students


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Paul Ziehm
Brett Moravec
Dennis Benthin
Tom Sturino



Drinking among college students is an important and controversial issue relating to campuses across the entire U.S. Some students even place the social life available on campus above the quality of the academics when choosing which school to attend. The purpose of this study was to further explore the intricacies of college drinking habits relating to gender, class standing, class attendance, GPA, alcohol purchases, and credit load. The specific objectives we tested were whether or not the times per week the respondents’ drink has any effect on their GPA, and whether or not missing class has an effect on the respondents’ GPA. We also ran a linear regression test on


A questionnaire was administered both in person and through email to various college students across the U.S. The respondents consisted of college students from Viterbo University, Arizona State, University of Nevada Reno, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Winona State, Texas Christian University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The questionnaire consisted of thirteen items (see Appendix A). Potential respondents were asked to provide detailed data relating to their specific drinking habits as a college student. Data were entered into Excel and descriptive and inferential statistics were run. Inferential statistics included Chi-Square, Tukey One-Way Anova tests, and a linear regression test.


A total of 44 college students responded to the questionnaire. Almost two-thirds (63.64%) of the respondents were male (Table 1). A majority (n=27) of the student respondents were upper-classmen (Figure 1).

Table 1. Gender of college student respondents.

|  | | | |n | | | |Percent | | | | | | | |Female | | | |16 | | | |36.36 | | | | | | | |Male | | | |28 | | | |63.64 | | | | | | | |Total | | | |44 | | | |100.00 | |...
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