Drinking and Smoking Should be Banned for University Students

Topics: Student, University, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: November 28, 2013

QUESTION; Drinking and smoking should be allowed for university students?

As Bhutan being religious country, drinking and smoking are strickly prohobited, and the casses are strickly guided by the law. University students are the future leader of the nation, so to show examples to the younger generation, university students should have a good behaviour and habit indeed. Drinking alcohol and smoking ciggerratte/marejuna should not be allowed for university because drinking and smoking will lead to various misbehaviour such as, students will concentrate less on their studies, where “The root of the education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.”(Aristtotle) Students will go against the teachers where the word respect would be no more surviving. And also unpunctual behaviour of the students will lead to decline in the name and fame of the college. If drinking and smoking are allowed for the university students, the students will not be able to concentrate on ther studies. As says ‘Alcohol is the root of all eveils’ as same, rif the students are alcoholic they would spend most of their time roaming here and there, intead of studying they would go beyond the rule and regulation of the college. When the students don’t study they would lack the knowledge/answer to fill the answer sheets during the examinations. They cannot perform well in there exams so the resources that the government has spent on that particular person would be wasted. For examples, Royal Government of Bhutan is spending almost 50 thousands ngultrum to a single youth in a year to study, on top of that parents also support their child after getting enrolled in the college. Parents and RGoB is supporting with their heart full of hope to be a proud citizen in future but on the other side if the child drink and smoke rather than studying the government and the parents support will be wasted. Drinking and smoking allowed to the university students will not only cannot be able to concentrate on...
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